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You are currently viewing the help pages of SEAT Ibiza Forum. The following help topics describe, in more detail, the possibilities this site has to offer.

1. Conceito geral de ajuda

Este site oferece um claro, simples e conciso uso do conceito, com o uso continuado de elementos (botões, menus e símbolos), assim simplificando o uso do site e, simultaneamente, fornece um bem-estar enquanto visualizam as páginas. O uso elementos...

2. User account (Profile)

To use all features you need to register your own user account on this page.

3. Membros

If you have registered on this page you are one of many members. Under Members you can find other registered members of this page and can view their profiles.

4. Texte schreiben

Beim Schreiben von Texten auf dieser Seite können Sie auf einige Hilfsmittel zurückgreifen, um Ihre Texte besser auszugestalten. Texte werden in der Hilfe auch Nachrichten oder Beiträge genannt. Die möglichen Hilfsmittel werden nachfolgend...

5. Pesquisa

There is a handy search field on the top of each page, which adapts its functions dynamically to the page you are currently browsing. The search field also holds a dropdown menu with some frequently used search options, as well as a link to the...

6. Fórum

In the following part you will get a short introduction into the most important features of the board, including the threads and posts, favorites as well as boards and categories

7. Calendário

Community Calendar the calendar system by WoltLab is comparable with well known desktop applications. The main advantage of Community Calendar is the feature, that members of the community can contribute at the calendar's events. The different parts...

8. Mensagens Privadas

Send private messages (PM) to other members of this page - this is a way to communicate privately. You will find similar functions to your e-mail client. The icon in front of the message symbolises the status of the message: Read You...

9. Tags

Tags are words that describe and/or categorize elements such as images or a posts. Think of it as a kind of a summary of the content. The advantage is that you can search by tags, so you don't have to think hard about good search terms. You can...

10. Moderation

Like administrators moderators have special rights so they can edit and delete content from other users. To use the moderative functions the browser needs enabled JavaScript. At Edit profile » Moderation you will find an overview about...